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Jennie Montana

Huckleberry Dream Wool Coat with Bison Trim

Huckleberry Dream Wool Coat with Bison Trim

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There are 35 huckleberry species across North America. No one has managed to tame, or commercially cultivate the huckleberry, so all of the berries picked and eaten are wild fruits.

Memories of Eva Gate's Montana Huckleberry jam at the breakfast table, combined with Jennie's untamable nature, inspired the creation of this warm wonderful bison cape.  Woven wool in blacks and deep purples hit the low dark notes,  then a crescendo of  jazzy lining in complimentary colors hit the high bright notes.  No one saw that coming!  Jennie prepared and stretched the bison before having it tanned. She chose the best fluffiest bison to trim the cuffs and luxurious hood of this one-of-a-kind piece.  Dry-Clean Only.

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