About Jennie Montana


I save bison hides from being discarded and forgotten.

The bison’s beautiful fibers continue to tell the stories;

and the bison lives on through my designs.

                     -- Jennie Montana

Jennie Montana has designed unique fashions using bison since 2006. Seeing the potential to blend bison fiber into yarn started her work with the fibers of locally ranched bison, alpaca, and sheep.  Next, she was taking orders for mittens, hats, and custom sweaters!  Since Jennie gathers the raw materials herself, handling the bison hides from ranch pick up, to stretching and shearing, she learned to select the best pieces to tan and trim her one-of-a-kind appliquéd coats, capes, and fashions featuring Montana wildlife from birds of pray to wildflowers. Her work has been shown at: The Old Main Gallery, Bozeman, Montana, and is regularly featured in Cowboys and Indians Magazine. Jennie's designs are owned by collectors throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.